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As part of the Premium product family we will continue to provide the same quality, safety and performance that the Patriot brand has delivered for over 30 years. READ MORE



Mud Pump Pistons

Engineered to out perform all other polyurethane pistons on the market today, Patriot Pistons are individually hand-poured and crafted to deliver superior performance on land or at sea.

» Patriot Pistons

Harsh Duty Valve

Superior Performance, Long Run Life, Excellent Abrasion Resistance and Sealing Surface coupled with the highest rated chemically resistant urethane make the Patriot HD Valve an excellent choice for any drilling application.

» Harsh Duty Valves

Type F Test Cups

Type F Test Cups

Our Type F Test Cups are made from the highest quality urethane available. We also specialize in complete Cup Tester Assemblies which include Mandrels, Subs and Test Cups.

» Type F Test Cups

Urethane Bladders

Pulsation Bladders

Our Pulsation Bladders are engineered for longer service and superior durability. With high tolerances built in to our standard bladders and high-temp versions available, our bladders and part kits meet your drill site needs.

» Pulsation Bladders


Snubbing & Top Load Strippers

Supreme offers premium oilfield accessories including high quality and long lasting strippers. These products are manufactured using the same top quality urethane that has made the rest of our product line so successful.

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Floor Stabilizer Bushings

Our stabilizer bushings are used to protect the drill pipe from damage while drilling is in progress. It also helps to reduce noise related to the drill pipe coming in contact with the floor.

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What is the Best Way to Ensure Long Piston Life?

What is the Best Way to Ensure Long Piston Life?

To get ultimate performance out of your urethane expendable parts we suggest the following:

  1. Make sure you have a good watering system. Pistons need cool water at high volumes in order to reduce the heat created from friction with the liner. Clean, fresh water can make all of the difference.
  2. When changing parts, make sure the pistons and liners are properly lubricated. Running a piston dry will increase friction within the liner causing unnecessary wear on both parts. Play it safe and always lubricate your piston upon it’s initial run.
  3. Always use pistons that correspond best with the type of mud being used. Most pistons on the market are not suited for all applications. To get the longest life out of your parts, choose parts that are made of the highest quality materials available and are best suited for the job.
  4. We suggest rotating your pistons within the liner every 100 hours, especially if your liners aren’t brand new. A piston’s life can be shortened if it runs consistently over a damaged spot in the liner for a long period of time. Getting in the habit of rotating your pistons within the liners will help to prolong the life of both mud pump parts.

Our Patriot Oilfield Expendables Set The Standard For Quality, Safety and Perfomance

Trust Supreme Manufacturing and our 35 years of experience to deliver the best product for increased safety and performance at your drill site.

We focus our engineering on select mud pump expendable parts so you can be confident knowing you are lowering production costs, extending the life of your equipment and providing a safer environment for your personnel.

Call us or send us a message today so we can help you get the right parts for your drilling service needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your parts manufactured?

Patriot oilfield expendables are manufactured by Supreme Manufacturing in Houston, Texas. Our parts have been used on rigs around the world since 1979.

Do you offer expendable parts made of rubber?

No. Our products are manufactured using the highest quality urethane available. As a result, our parts are considered the most durable on the market, outlasting imitators again and again.

Are your pistons compatible with all brands of tri-plex mud pumps?

Yes. All of our expendable parts, including the Patriot Piston,  are universal and therefore can be used in any brand of tri-plex mud pump.