Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your parts manufactured?

Patriot oilfield expendables are manufactured by Supreme Manufacturing in Houston, Texas. Our parts have been used on rigs around the world since 1979.

Do you offer expendable parts made of rubber?

No. Our products are manufactured using the highest quality urethane available. As a result, our parts are considered the most durable on the market, outlasting imitators again and again.

Are your pistons compatible with all brands of tri-plex mud pumps?

Yes. All of our expendable parts, including the Patriot Piston, are universal and therefore can be used in any brand of tri-plex mud pump.

Can you manufacture any size pistons?

Yes. We have the capability to create any size mold to accommodate orders for unique or specialty-sized Patriot pistons.

How long do Patriot pistons last?

We test our pistons regularly and have found that on average our pistons last 30% longer than our competitor’s piston. Keep in mind that piston life is closely associated with the conditions and environment it is used in which means there are many factors that can contribute to the success or failure of a piston. Please see our Helpful Hints page to learn more about proper mud pump maintenance.

Are Patriot pistons compatible with ceramic liners?

Yes. Patriot pistons run successfully in both ceramic and zirconia liners. Often times, when a ceramic liner is brand new, a piston of any kind will have a difficult time smoothing and polishing the inside of the liner. Because of this, your best runs with the highest hours will come after your first piston has completed its cycle.

Are your urethane bladders compatible with all brands of pulsation dampeners?

Yes. Although we are the only company capable of effectively manufacturing a bladder made of urethane, our bladders are Hydril-type and therefore can be used inside any brand of mud pump pulsation dampener. Please see our Helpful Hints page to learn more about properly charging your bladders.

Do you make high temperature/high pressure bladders?

Yes. We’ve combined the technology and craftsmanship of our urethane bladders with the durability of our high temperature piston, Patriot HT, to make a bladder rated for 300 degrees.

Can you offer specialty sized Type F Test cup?

Yes. Because we manufacture all of our urethane Type F test cups in house, we have the ability to custom-create speciality sizes.

Can you manufacture Type F test cups rated for higher pressures?

Yes. Our standard Type F test cups are rated for 7500 psi but we have the ability to manufacture Type F test cups rated for 10,000-15,00 psi per customer request.