Patriot Piston TD

Patriot Piston TD

One Piston – All Muds

Tired of changing mud pump pistons? We have your solution. The TD will work in all types of drilling mud including oil based, synthetic and water based. It was specifically designed to work in applications where water based mud is used or in situations where WBM is used on the top side & OBM is used on the bottom end. This eliminates the need for changing the piston midway through the drilling program. The “TD” or “Total Depth” name reflects our commitment to make a single piston that will last from “spud” to “TD”. This piston has been engineered with a unique friction reducing material bonded into the urethane of the sealing lip. Because the TD is built to withstand friction in the liner, wear on your parts is minimized and savings is maximized. The Patriot TD is also designed to meet pressures of 7500 psi as well as temperatures up to 220 degrees.

Features & Benefits:

  • Proven, reliable performance in every piston
  • Resistant to high pressure, abrasion, heat and extrusion
  • Trusted on the largest domestic and international rigs in the world
  • Averages 30%+ longer life than other mud pump pistons
  • Multi-durometer bonded urethane allows for longer piston life
  • “Bullnose” lip design seals for less ‘squirt’ which reduces flush system contamination
  • Superior lip and cut back hub design reduces wear on liners dramatically lowering mud pump operating costs
  • Available in a custom wooden box for protection during shipping
  • Built-in lubricant reduces friction within the liner allowing for longer piston & liner life
  • TD Piston is designed to withstand all mud conditions allowing it to be used at any point in the drilling process

*not suited for clear or sea water uses

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Part Number Size Description
UB-40-3-TD 4.0″ Bonded Urethane Piston
UB-44-3-TD 4.5″ Bonded Urethane Piston
UB-50-3-TD 5.0″ Bonded Urethane Piston
UB-52-3-TD 5.5″ Bonded Urethane Piston
UB-56-3-TD 5.75″ Bonded Urethane Piston
UB-60-3-TD 6.0″ Bonded Urethane Piston
UB-62-3-TD 6.25″ Bonded Urethane Piston
UB-64-3-TD 6.5″ Bonded Urethane Piston
UB-66-3-TD 6.75″ Bonded Urethane Piston
UB-70-3-TD 7.0″ Bonded Urethane Piston
UB-72-3-TD 7.0″ Bonded Urethane Piston
UB-74-3-TD 7.5″ Bonded Urethane Piston
UB-80-3-TD 8.0″ Bonded Urethane Piston